K-12 education is unaffordable for most Haitian children. Only 15% of the schools in Haiti are public. The government has never had the resources to develop a comprehensive education system for its citizens. 85% of Haitian schools are private schools which charge fees for their services and the fees are very expensive. 

The fees which families have to pay include the tuition fees, book fees, fees for supplies and uniforms. With the average annual family income less than $500 many Haitian families simply cannot afford to educate their children. Therefore, more than 50% of Haitian children never finish high school due to affordability. 

Since about 85% of Haitian schools are privately operated, we hope that you will use this information to help you decide where to focus your gifts. Your efforts will go towards K-12 education sponsorship, school supplies, textbooks, uniforms and scholarships.

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