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Cervical and liver cancer in Haiti ranks the highest in the world, according to World Health Organaization. With the rate of cancer becoming increasingly high, cancer is still a little-known disease in the country and there are few options for treatment. There is no current radiotherapy, therefore, patients are often sent home to die. According to the IAEA, It is estimated that only 10% of cancer sufferers in Haiti can afford to go abroad to countries like Cuba or the Dominican Republic for treatment. The Rescue Haiti Foundation will put an effort to establish a national cancer institute to research, diagnose, treat and prevent cancer in all areas of medicine. In concert with affiliated medical schools, the hospital will bring together specialist in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer, and will conduct a wide range of scientific and clinical research to make the newest and most promising cancer treatments that were never available in Haiti. With the help of the foundation, in the next decade Haiti is sure to see an innovative and exciting approach to cancer care. And Haiti will finally be a part of the scientific community in the fight to find a cure for cancer.
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