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Did You Know ?

Did you know there is no current cancer treatment and radiotherapy, therefore, patients are often sent home to die. According to the IAEA, It is estimated that only 10% of cancer sufferers in Haiti can afford to go abroad to countries like Cuba or the Dominican Republic for treatment?

Did you know more than 60 percent of women give birth at home unattended by a trained healthcare professional because they have no access to affordable obstetrical care services.

Did you know 600 out of every 100,000 pregnant women die giving birth because of problems such as obstructed labor and eclampsia?

Did you know one in every eight infant dies before the age of five and because there is currently no Intensive Neo-natal department in any hospitals in the country?

Did you know Haiti has the highest prevalence of HIV and other infectious diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean. It faces the worst AIDS and tuberculosis epidemic outside Africa?

Did you know Cervical and liver cancer in Haiti ranks the highest in the world, according to World Health Organaization and  the rate of cancer becoming increasingly high?

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